Yule Log in HD

I know I haven’t been posting as much as I was a week or so ago, but its yulelogthe holiday season as well as flu season and that pretty much has shot a hole in me doing anything that isn’t related to one or the other. With the Holiday season comes Christmas Carols, lots of eating, stressing over what to buy for that certain someone and best of all: The Yule Log!

I used to love watching this on TV with my dad as a kid, but sometimes you just couldn’t find what channel it was on. No More! Now with the glorious beauty of HD On-Demand you can watch the fire burn and listen to Christmas carols (probably not the PC term is it?….Holiday Tunes?) any time your heart desires, as long as it is during the month of December I guess.

If you haven’t seen it before check it out:

Unfotunately, that one is no in High Definition, but I’ve got a 50″ Samsung Plasma HD TV, so my yule log’s bigger than yours probably 🙂

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