Super Heroes

Superest Logo

I don’t know about you, but I have always had a love of the concept of the super-hero. I read comics a little bit growing up, but mostly I drew my own super-heroes. From the age of 11 on up to the time I left for college (age 18) I was conceptualizing and drawing super-heroes, and villains. There are over 300 of them. I plan on scanning them in, but the shear volume of them overwhelms me. Regardless, the reason I am writing this is because I found an awesome site that reminded me of my old hobby of creating super-heroes. It’s called The Superest

The Superest is an ongoing project by Kevin Cornell and Matthew Sutter, as well as the occasional guest artist. They go back and forth devising super-heroes that cancel out the previous heroes’ powers, thus making the current hero “The Superest”. According to the site this concept is based on the game My Team, Your Team created by Andy Havens. Some of you out there might think is ridiculous, but give it 5 minutes and I promise you will be hooked. I ended up sitting down and spending the better portion of a twelve pack and last night perusing the site. 

Not only is it a unique source of humor as well as inspiration for concepts (the verbal and visual puns these guys use are phenomenal), but as a graphic designer, I am really intrigued by the hand lettering that is done for each and every new hero. It’s really a nice break from the everyday, corporate type that we see all the time.

After you visit those sites, if you are feeling semi-creative, head on over to HeroMachine and make a super-hero (or villain) of your own! Stay tuned for the super-hero drawings of my youth to surface here soon!


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