Ed Hochuli’s Biceps drop to 9-2

If you are going to be reading this page a lot you are going to notice something; right after my family, the loves of my life are Graphic Design and Fantasy Football. I like to think I am pretty good at both too 🙂

I am only in one Fantasy Football league where I actually pay to play. It’s at my office and it’s a $150 buy in. Any transactions you make cost $3, that way the pot for the winner keeps going up and up. Currently I am leading my division with a 9-2 record. Oh and by the way my team name is Ed Hochuli‘s Biceps.

I suffered a horrible loss this past week. Well, it’s not that horrible. It was a non-division game and I have already clinched a playoff spot, but still if you go 10 weeks and only lose once, it sucks when you lose a second time. 

Sorry to all of you who aren’t into Fantasy Football. Move on to the design posts 🙂


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